2017 Performers

Karen Hardy is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Central New Jersey. At the young age of 15, she began playing guitar and piano and shortly thereafter, fell in love with writing songs. She left public high school at 16 to allow more time for her craft. However, she was committed to graduating high school and did so by receiving her diploma online, while working as a musician. She now writes with other local musicians and performs her soulful pop originals at coffee shops and train stations in the NJ/NY area. In one show, Karen covers a plethora of songs in a performance, mixing both covers of well-known songs and her own songs. It should also not be forgotten that during her performances, Karen provides her own music by showcasing her self-taught talent with a piano and guitar. Determination, raw talent, and a dream is what makes Karen Hardy an up and coming sensation.


Anamaria Angel is a singer-songwriter from Rockaway, NJ.  Anamaria built a local following performing at weddings and other private functions before being discovered by Totally Square Records.  Anamaria’s vocals range from smooth and sultry to strong and soaring.  Fluent in English and Spanish, Anamaria taps into the same cross-over market developed by the likes of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.  Anamaria signed with Totally Square Records in 2015, and her debut Totally Square EP “Walking On The Sand” was just released.



Zachias Noble is an energetic 11 year -old who is a member of the Somerset Chapter of the New Jersey Orators. His presentations have scored the level of Excellence each time he competes. He simply loves to learn and memorize things. His effervescent enthusiasm makes him a natural born Orator and entertainer.

He is an avid football fan and can quote any NFL player’s name if you just give him the team and uniform number.  Statistics and game facts are part of his amazing memory, and this is a skill that he has used to perfect his presentations.

He performed a powerfully dramatic oratory of the Star Spangled Banner and its history at Flag Day Festival on the steps of the Somerset County Courthouse in June 2016.  His presentation served as perfect introduction of the New Jersey Orators to many organizations in Somerset County, that were not aware of the skills instilled in the students.

Zachias is honored to have the privilege to present again at this prestigious event.

He has put together a thought provoking montage for the 2017 Flag Day event he hopes you will enjoy it!